In Plain Sight

Kimberlee Norris and Gregory Love of MinistrySafe are sexual abuse law experts who realized a need within the Church for people to be educated on the root of the issue of child sexual abuse, and how to prevent it as much as possible moving forward.


The Racially Disconnected Church

Some topics are almost too challenging to approach. They make people uncomfortable, and they sometimes lead to difficult conversations. Confronting racism in the American Church is not an easy task, and it does not lead to easy conversations. The mere idea of racism within the Church is almost too taboo to talk about. But if reconciliation and unity genuinely exist, they exist in the tough talks and challenging conversations.

Death By A Thousand Lies
Death By A Thousand Lies

The subsequent fallout caused by his secrets becoming known lead Blaine down a road of trials, tribulations, and, ultimately, resurrection.

StephenBrewster looking at downtown Nashville
The Risk Of Faith

With an almost impossible immunity to adversity, Stephen Brewster may very well be one of the most resilient human beings alive. If life has shown anything to Stephen and his family, it’s that not all stories have a happy ending. But through it all, staying safe and comfortable was never an option. For Stephen, the risks life presented have always been possible through faith and a firm belief that keeping your eyes on the prize is the best way to get there.

Nick Kofahl standing in front of a tree
Many Are Called, Few Are Chosen

Growing up as a pastor’s kid brings its own set of challenges and victories. It also brings a particular set of struggles later in life. Nick Kofahl has always felt called to ministry in some way, shape, or form. From planting churches to touring in worship groups, ministry has always been at the forefront of Nick’s mind. Sometimes, however, the calling we feel on our life comes more from our own ideas of where God wants us to go, rather than what God actually wants for us.

Leading a Generation

Pastor Willie George is known the world over for his pioneering spirit and tireless pursuit to bring excellence to the Church. From an abusive childhood, to a bus ministry in west Texas, to a Bible preaching cowboy on Children’s Television, to the founding Pastor of a 10k member church, his reach (needless to say) is wide. His accomplishments are only rivaled by the wisdom he has acquired through the process.

This is Pastor Willie George.

Modern Age, Old Struggles

If you’ve ever been to the Denver area, chances are you’ve seen a sticker of Flatirons Community Church’s orange logo on the back of at least one car on the roads. That’s because Flatirons Church has been one of the largest and fastest-growing churches in Colorado, with five campuses in Denver and the surrounding area.

One of the biggest reasons for Flatirons Church’s growth and expansion has been Pastor Jim Burgen. Pastor Jim has taken Flatirons from meeting in a small hardware store to the multi-campus church that it is today. But the journey has not been all rainbows and butterflies. From dealing with depression and anxiety within his family to undertaking the difficult task of leveraging technology to reach a screen-obsessed society, Pastor Jim has managed to keep the faith alive and continue to fight the good fight, even when it’s the last thing you want to do.

Lee Martin sitting on a rock in the woods
The Road To Restoration

Meet Lee Martin: a 26-year-old lead pastor of a thriving church in middle-America, Nebraska. In one day, with one phone call, his ministry came apart at the seams and his world came crashing down. With no other option but to move forward, Lee trudged through one of the most difficult times in his life on the road to restoration.

The Doubters Club
Conversations With MxU

Three legends of the audio world, Jeff Sandstrom, Lee Fields, and the late Andrew Stone, dive into some of the biggest conflicts that church audio teams run into. Years of experience in very different areas of the audio world have given the MxU guys plenty to talk about. Three sound guys, three perspectives, one goal: equipping church production influencers with resources that inspire excellence.

Daniel Connell Title Art
A Light In A Dark Room

Having worked with some of the biggest names in the church world (Bethel Music, Elevation Worship, and Church on the Move to name a few), Daniel Connell has a fairly impressive resume. But it’s not skill or know-how that got Daniel to where he is. The relationships he’s built along the way have been the keys to his success.

In Plain Sight